Exceptional learning opportunities are around every corner! But it is your hard work and ambitions that will finally take you to the top. At NIMTT, we prepare you to face the challenges that come with demanding and competitive work profile.

The Essence
The NIMTT in India, a world -class institute, is committed to challenging you, its students and faculty alike to seek knowledge and a grater understanding of an ever-changing multiculture world. We are educators and learners. We education you to excel and strive to inspire through education that emphasizes on the power of discovery and the foundation of critical thinking.

NIMTT has also been the proud for its outstanding effort in the field of Education and Training in the last 8 years.

The NIMTT is being launched with a vision to transform its students into competent inspired and responsible professionals and we are confident we will achieve our objective.

The NIMTT Industrial Training Courses aims to provide a high strandard of liberal education to its students attending not only to their intellectual growth but also to their development as responsible adults committed to high ethical strandards.

By pursing these objectives with integring NIMTT seeks to engage the mind and elevate the spirit to contribute in diverse ways to the local community the state, the nation and the world and to attain and maintain a place of real leadership in all that we do.

SPONSORED Ph.D Program in Collaboration with NIMTT
GMN CHARITABLE TRUST & BMT EDUCATION SOCIETY JOINTLY SPONSORED PhD Program with STIPEND in Collaboration with the DEPARTMENT OF RESEARCH -NIMTT. Total FEE & STIPEND sponsored by the Joint Body is Rs 1.5 CRORE. Hurry! Entrance Forms available in our download option & also Online

Till date, NIMTT has transformed the lives of many students, generated many numerous rural entrepreneurs in the country and provided indirect employment to several people.

NIMTT -A Respected Brand in Education

NIMTT is now the India’s Largest Study Centre working with 18 universities and 2 Boards conducting more than 900 courses. Courses ranges from 10 th Board to PhD .All the courses conducted by NIMTT from 10 th Board to PhD are fully UGC and Ministry of HRD Recognised and therefore applicable for All Govt ,Private Jobs and also for higher studies. NIMTT cares each and every student may of 10 th Board or a PhD candidate. We at NIMTT feel each and every one has invested their hard earned money for a secure future and hence we respect their decision made with us.We at NIMTT assures that any investment made with us either for a Career course or as a Consultation Work or as a Investor is Fully secure and Safe.

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A Trusted Brand in Higher Education.Our Total Enrollment is 10000 Plus  

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